Music has always being a lifetime journey for me.!

Since I was little, I remember my abstract self next to a tape machine, singing along with these great artists that my family was always introducing to us. 

My father was the very first influence. He taught me how to play the guitar and… that was it – the puzzle completed!

So, what I’ve done this far through all my years around the sun..?

From having quite a few bands along the way, covering many well known artists/bands from the grunge, alternative, funk & soul scene, to proudly performing with them on well known Greek festivals and music venues! 

From participating on the Voice of Greece in 2014, to writing, producing  and releasing my debut EP (on 2017) from my home studio, which I also use to help other artists co-producing their music sporadically. 

Wow, there’s  a Youtube channel since 2012, if you type my name, where you can find a lot of my achievements.

Now, coming to these present days, you can find me doing my solo musical trip, playing gigs on mostly weddings.

I’ve been playing in some beautiful venues in Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, Amalfi Coast in Italy, Paros, Rhodes, Crete, Mallorca Spain and so many other destinations..

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